[ Hacker Night School ] :: Tsuki CTF Pwns Access on HackTheBox

Tsuki CTF HackTheBox: Access
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Tsuki’s capture the flag Speedruns of HackTheBox machines are WAY too fun, and addictive as candy. I’m going to use this particular vid as a test, to see how useful a full explanation is for my Hacking 101 students. Hacking Access Database Files in Kali 00:00 – Port Scan nmap -sC -sV You’ll see …

[ How to Teach Hacker Highschool: Unit 5 ]

School for Hackers Red Glasses Girl
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This is the fifth unit of my course for teachers, which brings together a lot of material I generated while working as Project Manager for the Hacker Highschool v2 Rewrite Project, 2012-2016. This session helps you get started with Lesson 2, Commands in Windows, Linux and Mac. The Commands lesson is pretty dry, mostly lists …