[ Hacker Night School ] :: WEP Cracking Basics in Kali

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Wifi Cracking: Start With the Basics: WEP WEP is so old and weak you’ll hardly ever find it in use, though there are always the few who haven’t paid attention. WEP cracking is a great way to get familiar with the aircrack-ng suite (https://www.aircrack-ng.org/), its commands and processes. Where to Learn Start with the horse’s …

[ Hacking 101 ] :: [ Javascript ]

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Javascript Javascript runs locally, in your browser. That means you can view it with your browser’s debug console, run it and tinker with it. One issue is locating the scripts your target page uses, which may be listed in META tags or called from HTML (DOM) objects. Another issue is that people hide, obfuscate and …

[ How to Teach Hacker Highschool: Unit 5 ]

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This is the fifth unit of my course for teachers, which brings together a lot of material I generated while working as Project Manager for the Hacker Highschool v2 Rewrite Project, 2012-2016. This session helps you get started with Lesson 2, Commands in Windows, Linux and Mac. The Commands lesson is pretty dry, mostly lists …