[ Hacking 101 ] :: Mac Spoofing

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I’m going to take you through several different kinds of hiding and spoofing. Learn to use these to keep your hacking safe(er) and fun. The first technique is MAC address spoofing. When to use MAC spoofing Use it when you’re connected to a local area network (LAN), which means you’re inside your target’s network. This …

[ Hacking 101 ] :: [ Introduction ]

Hacking 101
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Hacking 101: Just the Basics.  Okay, I’m picking up another video series, and this time I’m working to answer the question I see on so many pentesting and CTF videos: How do you get started doing this? Watch this video and then: Assignments: Introduction (Video 1) 1. Set up at least three email/user accounts. Try …

Free Hacking Courses: Code Red

I was recently pointed to a cool learning platform for up-and-coming hackers: EC-Council’s Code Red. Some of the basic video courses that come with the free membership look good. Check it out: https://codered.eccouncil.org/Home I’d love to see your impressions, so comment below if you try it out.