Download School for Hackers Linux Images for Raspberry Pi

Download Link:

Raspberry Pi 2 / Fedora 24 School for Hackers Linux and
Raspberry Pi 3 / Fedora 24 School for Hackers Linux!jF5zUIRD!KKk6pclXUeBeyILvP48nWQ

We have been using the Fedora Security Spin (or Security Lab) for training for several years, and creating our own custom version of FSS for the Raspberry Pi since Fedora 22. The School for Hackers Linux version-of-a-spin-of-a-distro includes all the Security Lab tools and some additional goodies. It favors ease of use over initial security, which is to say it comes with VNC and the Secure Shell daemon running. There are some initial setup and login details here:

At this point we’ve got a stable build of School for Hackers Linux using Fedora 24, for both the Pi 2 and Pi 3. We also have a build using Fedora 25, which as of this date (Feb 17, 2017) is still very unstable and buggy. When version 25 is more stable on the Pi we’ll bring you updated images of School for Hackers Linux. If we get enough interest (and outrun our hosting) we’ll set up torrents.


Raspberry Pi 2 / Fedora 25 School for Hackers Linux

Raspberry Pi 3 / Fedora 25 School for Hackers Linux