Get Full-Ride Financial Aid for IT Certifications in New Mexico

Glenn Norman

Okay people in New Mexico listen up: NM Workforce Solutions has 60 (that’s SIXTY) full-ride financial aid openings for students in the four central counties of NM. That means *60* people can take the full A+, Network+ and Security+ certification series *free* including a stipend for rent and fees! Somebody here should grab this. IT …

Study Hacking With Code Red: Free Video Courses

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You should try this. If you seriously want to learn hacking, you should check out EC-Council’s Code Red training site. I’ve been checking out the free-level offerings, and I’m impressed. Go here and create an account,  with the usual precautions: Do you use Python? (Of course you do.) Here’s a link to a course …

Free Hacking Courses: Code Red

I was recently pointed to a cool learning platform for up-and-coming hackers: EC-Council’s Code Red. Some of the basic video courses that come with the free membership look good. Check it out: I’d love to see your impressions, so comment below if you try it out.  

[ Hacker Night School ] :: CSRF

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Cross Site Request Forgery CSRF is a very specialized form of XSS. It relies on the victim being logged into a site, so the attacker can make a false request – to drain the victim’s bank account, for instance. Where to Learn First, read this OWASP presentation: Next, webpwnized is your friend. Watch these …

[ Auditing With OWASP ] :: [ Class 2: Injection ]

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Vulnerability A1: Injection Remember to get the OWASP Proactive Controls for Developers: Practice and Process Open a browser tab to: Once you are there, do a search in the page to highlight all occurrences of injection. Scroll down to the HTML and CSS injections. Open and read those sections. See this video on …