Okay, time to get serious

My productivity took a big hit a few months ago when I took a bad fall and broke my hip. While I’ve still been studying and hacking, I haven’t carried forward the curriculum development I’ve been doing on this site.

But that’s going to change.

My idea for this site is this: to build logical, progressive hacking skills courses using both my own materials, and loads of good stuff already online. The biggest question I get is, How do I become a hacker? Any my answer usually consists of lists of things to learn. So I’d like to be able to steer people to good materials and the right topics, so that you can learn critical skills fast and with no bullshit.

I’m more than happy to take suggestions from our little community. If you haven’t already, create an account and you’ll be able to add your comments and ideas to course posts. It’s time for me to start arranging these materials …

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