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This outline is in development, and frequent updates are the name of this game. These are the “bare bones” basics you’ll need to know to get started in the world of hacking, pen testing, bug bounties and security auditing. This list will be updated as new areas arise or as people point out the many things I’m sure I’ll foolishly miss over my first few drafts.

It’s not our intention to rebuild every wheel. In many or most cases we can point out excellent places to learn particular skills, and then good hacking targets where you can test them. So here goes, by topic, with links:

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    1. There’s a lot to this subject. If you want to do a type of hacking that works on any type of phone, study web applications that can exploit universal vulnerabilities.
      If you want to hack phone apps, you’re going to need to study Objective C and/or Java.
      If you want to hack physical phones, well … every one is different.
      Can you be more specific? Pretend you’re doing a Google search.

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