A Cautionary Note About Ben McEwan of Scotland

Ben McEwan

Ben McEwan was trusted as a moderator of the Facebook School for Hackers group, but when I warned him not to practice hacking directly against the group, he retaliated by deleting every member of the group after sending a message that the group had been “taken over.” Don’t repeat our bitter experience.

Pete Herzog removed my name as contributor on every lesson on Hacker Highschool

Glenn Norman

Just amazing. Pete Herzong of ISECOM has removed my name from the list on contributors on every lesson of Hacker Highschool – even though I was a volunteer, contributor and eventually Project Manager over the course of six years and produced the first 11 lessons. Now that’s the way to treat a contributor to an …

Hacking to Live

Gosper's Glider Gun

Hackers are clever techies. The word “hacker” actually has nothing to do with crime: a brilliant engineer would hack out a smart solution to the problem at hand, and consider it a compliment to be called a hacker. There’s a whole culture built on this idea: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacker_culture. We are a community dedicated to learning and teaching. …