Get Full-Ride Financial Aid for IT Certifications in New Mexico

Glenn Norman

Okay people in New Mexico listen up: NM Workforce Solutions has 60 (that’s SIXTY) full-ride financial aid openings for students in the four central counties of NM. That means *60* people can take the full A+, Network+ and Security+ certification series *free* including a stipend for rent and fees! Somebody here should grab this. IT …

[ Hacker Night School ] :: Excellent, well-written hacking lessons:

This entry is part 2 of 17 in the series [ Hacker Night School ]

This is post 2 of 17 in the series “[ Hacker Night School ]” It might seem funny for School for Hackers to like or endorse another hacking tutorial site, but the truth is that sites like Hacking Tutorials are terrific resources for all of us. This really excellent site features detailed, well-written step-by-step tutorials …

Is hacking eventually going to be your job (you hope)? Know the job search aggregators.

Social Networking

Everyone here knows I invite contributor articles on several topics, including finding jobs and work. What Vanessa Fardi has to say below is useful on several levels. One, the service she reps is Nuevoo, a job search aggregator that’s pretty big around the world, particularly for non-English speakers, and it’s certainly worth looking at. On …

[ Security for Web Developers ] :: 16: Best Practices

Blue Security Goddess

This is post 16 of 16 in the series “Security for Web Developers” You should: Change the default user name directly in the database. Put files that contain login credentials outside your webroot. Don’t allow writable directories. (With details….) Don’t allow users to upload anything. Sorry. Avoid toxic data. Patch like mad. Use a security …

[ Security for Web Developers ] :: 15: Testing Guides and Aids


This is post 15 of 16 in the series “Security for Web Developers” By the Book There are lots of methodologies, more or less formal, for testing your web app’s security. OWASP is, of course, a biggie. And don’t forget tools for particular platforms, for instance WordPress. (this is great) Next: