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Don’t forget all this free cybersec training material at Very high-end, high-quality stuff. I’d recommend the Flow Analysis and Network Hunting course for sure; lots of great videos.  

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Glenn Norman

Our whole purpose is educating and training up-and-coming hackers and security people. That’s why I run my CompTIA and EC-Council courses through this site, and add new videos and lessons as I get the chance. But we don’t try to be everything; instead, we USE everything that’s useful and high-quality in our trainings. I’m always …

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Glenn Norman
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I’ve been trying to bring “hacker” training to UNM for over ten years without much success. Only in the past two semesters have I been able to run an Ethical Hacking class based on the CEH, but where my past efforts didn’t bring students, the CEH did. Red Team work has long interested me, likely …