[ Bash Scripting How-to ] :: BASH Programming Course: Master the Linux Command Line! on Udemy

Glenn Norman

As I write, this course is on sale for $10 on Udemy, though that’s likely to change. In fact, I’ve bought courses on Udemy that later disappeared, so there’s no guarantee that courses like this on commercial sites like Udemy etc. will even exist years down the road. On the plus side, this one offers a very good list of topics covered. Take a look while you have the chance.


[ Bash Scripting How-to ] :: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide at TLDP.org

Glenn Norman

Bash scripting (shell scripting using bash) is one of the most critical skills a hacker can cultivate. Everybody and his brother (including me, Glenn) has written bash scripting guides and tutorials, but few of them go as in-depth as this one.

I’ll be listing other bash tutorial sites here at School for Hackers, and I hope eventually to put together a course and cert in bash scripting for hackers. Drop me a line if you’re interested in working on that project. In the mean time, see this: