Are you that very nice or emphasized of security?

are you that goodWhen your neighbor sees the hosport you broadcasted, the very first thought he has is “oh, look at it, I’ve got my neighbor’s wifi, I might get access it luckily” and click!
So what do you up to? Are you so nice to let everyone access your wifi, or want to have privacy or share with specific people? If you concern about network security, you have better off from public. Keep in your mind that everyone who comes into your network is not but willing to use the internet access you shared.
At the movie Cinderella, the King held a party for the price to choose the girl he loved and the royal prince’s invitation said “Every maid in the town was invited to the party.” despite the one who the prince actually awaited was Cinderella. Unfortunately, the step-sisters and step-mother of Cinderella enjoyed the party. Then, the step-mother got eavesdropped the Royal Guard’s conversations then she blackmailed the Royal Guard, shortly. So, we could be considerate as everyone who enjoyed the party had willing not but to have the party, to dig their own advantages.
Immediately, min mg mg steps up from the moments of he was at the movie and said “Grandpa, we should maintain a protection at our wifi, we haven’t better give access to everyone.” And the grandpa said “protection? Does it make sense if I keep this inside my iron cabinet?”. “No it doesn’t make any sense, we have to keep it outside to be able to access from your smart phone and my laptop to share the internet access but others.” min mg mg said. “Look, here are so many protection options to protect most of attacks and firewall settings as well” he said with getting access his small business wifi access device via a browser. And he continued “Here are the options WEP, WPA, WPA2”. “What the heaven?” Grandpa responded. The grandson said “chill up, I’m putting you down, grandpa, WEP is wired equivalent privacy, the security algorithm for IEEE 802.11. It was recognizable by the key of 10 (or) 16 hexadecimal digits. Its primary encryption method is; the encrypted ciper text are generated by doing the XOR Gates (Exclusive OR gate) of the keysteam by the combination of (IV) Initialization vector and keys, encrypted by the RC4, the encryption algorithm ciper (cyper) and the plaintext. It was 64-bit encryptions increased to 128-bit, yet Wi-Fi Alliance announced that the WEP had been superseded by WPA in 2003. So, immediate question is what is WPA? WPA is Wi-fi Protected Access, IEEE 802.11i sometime referred to as the draft standard IEEE 802.11. It’s anticipated to a yet securer, more complex WPA2. WPA2 was started in 2004. WEP provided data confidentiality comparable to the traditional wired network and WPA was developed by Wi-Fi Alliance to protect wireless computer network. WPA-PSK (pre-shared Key) is the common WPA configuration, used 256-bit key encryption. And it is associated with a system called message integrity check, determined if an attacker had captured or altered packets passed between the access point and client as well. The most significant change between WPA and WPA II is, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) has to be used mandatorily.” And Grandpa spill his guts and said “Just do your thing ahead, oh my, headache, headache” and he continuously said “so, use WPA, a yet securer”. He looks slightly got the point. Of course, having a bright grandson like min mg mg is gratifying.
Young people have intelligent capabilities. We should provide them to be able to implement their imaginations. Rather than teaching them how to do, what we can do and what will be in order are the needs. If you keep blocking their inspirations by any mean, they can’t be able to realize “why”, much less great intelligence. That’s the reason Hacker High School is going for, they intend youths to be great by doing great things with great humility. In our environment, likewise we need to have someone like min mg mg who to help us to be able to understand the technologies well, at least, to be able to purchase the technology materials in fair-deal.
Well, now min mg mg is getting busy for a school conference. He is working on a presentation, based on a real world scamming matter to present. “The Scammed IT Guy” he just bannered it.are you that good

Social Engineering


“Social Engineering can be known as psychological manipulating in shortly, a legitimate lie, but yelling ‘Fire!’ in a crowed movie-theater and in a public is unlawful”

“Yes, this is definitely an attack vector, almost relies on human interactions. Often involve tricking people, indirectly prompting people to spill their guts and take advantages on their crush or their craziness, let’s talk social engineering” Min Mg Mg talked to Grandpa.

“This is a con game. For instance, an attacker pretend to be a co-worker who has some kind of urgent problem that requires access to office and asking his/her colleague to let him/her in.” he continued. “That’s a cheating. What different from a liar? Grandpa asked.

“Unlike a liar, it’s is more than a liar it is about to get what you want indirectly, because it is gentle.  Ok, I’ll give you an remarkable example. In the video called “Catch Me If You Can” there are a lot of the social engineering topics. Sr Frank asked his Jr Frank that “You know why yankee always win, frank?” and Jr. Frank answered “Because, they have Mickey Mantle.” Sr Frank said “No, because of the other teams can’t stop staring at the pinstripes”.

Next more notable example is; by the time Jr. Frank started his business. He needed to have PAN AM airline’s pilot uniform to be able to successfully mimic as a PAN AM’s pilot. So, he called to PAN AM airline.

Receptionist: Pan Am, may I help you?

FRANK: Yeah, hello. I’m calling about a uniform.

Receptionist: Hold for Purchasing.

FRANK: Thank you.

WOMAN: Purchasing.

FRANK (Southern accent): Hi. I’m a copilot based out of San Francisco. I flew a flight into New York last night but I’m headed out to, uh, Paris in three hours. The problem is, I sent my uniform to be cleaned through the hotel and I… I guess they must have lost it.

WOMAN: They lost a uniform. It happens all the time. Don’t worry; go down to the Well-Built Uniform Companyat Ninth and Broadway. They’re our uniform supplier. I’ll tell Mr. Rosen you’re coming.

So, in the event he could have PAN AM’s uniform. That’s one of the social engineering methods, grandpa. Frenk is a confidence man. Of course, (con man) that’s the very important skill that a social engineer needs.” Min Mg Mg just gives an example to Grandpa. And.

“Frank Abagnale was one of the most famous back there. And Kevin Mitnick who is very famous within people who love and studying computer hacking and security awareness. I’d love to talk about some well-known methods of social engineering.” Min Mg Mg said when he started opening a presentation file.

“Popular types of social engineering attacks”…..