[ Bash Scripting How-to ] :: BASH Programming Course: Master the Linux Command Line! on Udemy

Glenn Norman

As I write, this course is on sale for $10 on Udemy, though that’s likely to change. In fact, I’ve bought courses on Udemy that later disappeared, so there’s no guarantee that courses like this on commercial sites like Udemy

[ Bash Scripting How-to ] :: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide at TLDP.org

Glenn Norman

Bash scripting (shell scripting using bash) is one of the most critical skills a hacker can cultivate. Everybody and his brother (including me, Glenn) has written bash scripting guides and tutorials, but few of them go as in-depth as this

[ Hacking Tools ] :: Using Netcraft with Starry Sky

Starry Sky (Htet Aung)

Co-founder of School for Hackers Starry Sky gives us a video on hacking tools. This time he explores Netcraft, an intelligence-gathering tool for those of us who really just want to know a little bit more. Come on, just a

TechRepublic’s “The hacking toolkit: 13 essential network security utilities”

I won’t speak for every hacker, but this hacker loves tools. Especially tools that tell me interesting things, even small, incremental things that lead me to larger discoveries. So I’m quick to leap on articles like this one: http://www.techrepublic.com/pictures/the-hacking-toolkit-13-essential-network-security-utilities/ Here’s

Opening a Discussion of Cyberbullying

Backlit keyboard

One major Hacker Highschool lesson we projected was Lesson 22, Cyberbullying. At SchoolforHackers.com we’ll move forward at a much faster pace on this issue, particularly if we keep getting good submissions. Material dealing with cyberbullying is available by the ton

Pete Herzog removed my name as contributor on every lesson on Hacker Highschool

Glenn Norman

Just amazing. Pete Herzong of ISECOM has removed my name from the list on contributors on every lesson of Hacker Highschool – even though I was a volunteer, contributor and eventually Project Manager over the course of six years and

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Hacking is ridiculously cool. Building your first laser rifle, for instance, is likely to give you a thrill you haven’t experienced before, particularly if you mis-use it. But don’t forget that there’s a practical side to this: Hackers are in