Opening a Discussion of Cyberbullying

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One major Hacker Highschool lesson we projected was Lesson 22, Cyberbullying. At we’ll move forward at a much faster pace on this issue, particularly if we keep getting good submissions. Material dealing with cyberbullying is available by the ton

Pete Herzog removed my name as contributor on every lesson on Hacker Highschool

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Just amazing. Pete Herzong of ISECOM has removed my name from the list on contributors on every lesson of Hacker Highschool – even though I was a volunteer, contributor and eventually Project Manager over the course of six years and

Want to be a pro hacker? Check out this site…

Hacking is ridiculously cool. Building your first laser rifle, for instance, is likely to give you a thrill you haven’t experienced before, particularly if you mis-use it. But don’t forget that there’s a practical side to this: Hackers are in

Encoding to and Decoding from Base64 Format

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There’s a form of hiding data that isn’t exactly encryption; it’s just simple encoding into another format that most people won’t be able to read. FTP passwords, for example, are encoded in FileZilla using Base 64 format. You can get

Is hacking eventually going to be your job (you hope)? Know the job search aggregators.

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Everyone here knows I invite contributor articles on several topics, including finding jobs and work. What Vanessa Fardi has to say below is useful on several levels. One, the service she reps is Nuevoo, a job search aggregator that’s pretty

Fascinating article, perhaps real: “He Was a Hacker for the NSA and He Was Willing to Talk. I Was Willing to Listen.”

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Mr. Robot has spawned or reinforced a dozen stereotypes about hacker-types. A lot of them are pretty unfortunate, like the association of hacking with mental illness. This article goes deep on a reporter’s interviews with a post-CIA hacker willing to

[ Hacking 101 ] Why you should be using a proxy server (sometimes)

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One of the trickiest things about hacking is knowing what kind of anonymity tool to use, when. If what you are doing involves only the Internet (i.e. web pages and web sites), the right anonymity tool is a proxy server.